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Looking at climate change through world maps

Welcome to my first instalment of Map Monday. The maps in this post, and their descriptions, come from a fantastic website at This …Looking at climate change through world maps

Why is climate change a big deal?

Climate change is the most important geographical issue of the decade, the reasoning behind this is that climate change links with several processes that are becoming an issue, throughout this decade and previously beforehand. The main issues that are caused by climate change are; the increase of global temperature causing an increase in the melting…

Climate change and the Lake District

In modern times scientist have noticed an apparent increase in global temperatureprecipitation, wind patterns and other measures of climate that occur over several decades or longer.  Climate change causes: hotter, drier summerswarmer, wetter wintersmore extreme weather events How does that effect the Lake District? The Lake District is one of the most visited national parks in the…

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