Why is climate change a big deal?

Climate change is the most important geographical issue of the decade, the reasoning behind this is that climate change links with several processes that are becoming an issue, throughout this decade and previously beforehand. The main issues that are caused by climate change are; the increase of global temperature causing an increase in the melting of ice, within agriculture the increase in global temperatures and increased rainfall causes an overall decrease in yield, as well as sapping nutrients out of the crops, the increase in global temperature change effects forest fires and increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Another issue that climate change causes with the rise of global temperatures is the effect on the gulf stream, which is causing unusual temperature patterns around the world. Climate change is caused by several factors that have increased the rate at which global temperatures have risen, these factors are; the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and cattle grazing, the increase in the quantity of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, volcanic eruptions and changes in the earths orbit.

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